(Wednesday, November 7, 2018) CEO Stamm and NYCHSRO/MedReview Congratulate Letitia James on Her Historic Win as Attorney General of the State of New York

Democrat and Brooklynite Letitia “Tish” James broke through yet another glass ceiling on Election Day 2018, winning 70 percent of the vote to become the first African American woman to hold the office of New York Attorney General. Indeed, she is the first African American woman to hold any statewide office in New York. She will be vacating her current seat as Public Advocate, New York City’s highest-ranking elected office after Mayor.

As he has been throughout James’ political career, NYCHSRO/MedReview’s CEO and President Joe Stamm was ringside as she officially announced her historic victory on home turf at the Mill River Lounge in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. James made her acceptance speech to a crowded room of longtime supporters, which also included MedReview senior staffer Maurice Bortz, JD, Director of National Physician’s Review.

With her usual passion and intelligence, James gave a victory speech articulating her vision for her new office. Government corruption, voter suppression, illegal gun sales, environmental protections and investigations into potential governmental wrongdoings were high on her list of pledges to supporters.

One of the top elected posts in New York, the Attorney General acts as the “People’s Lawyer,” the State’s chief legal officer, advisor to the Executive branch, and defense attorney in actions and proceedings on behalf of the State.

“Tish James has been a great friend not only to me personally but to the company as well,” states CEO Stamm. “She has been a terrific Public Advocate and will be a powerful representative for all New Yorkers in her new role as AG.”