(Tuesday, July 6, 2017) Top of the Line: Sergey Podkopaev & Curtilla Noel Named ‘Employees of the Month’

In July, NYCHSRO/MedReview’s top brass named the company’s first two “Employees of the Month” from a pool of nominees picked by their colleagues. The April and May award winners were Systems Help Desk Analyst and Administrator Sergey Podkopaev and Data Analyst Curtilla Noel, both long-time staff in the MIS department. At a boardroom breakfast attended by all personnel, CEO/President Joe Stamm presented each honoree with a financial incentive award and unveiled the plaque engraved with the winners’ names to be displayed just outside the executive suite.

Sergey Podkopaev was awarded for his key role in configuring, implementing, supporting and troubleshooting our technology systems from onsite hardware through remote users. Valued by colleagues for his willingness to go out of his way, Sergey always comes to the rescue with a smile and the calm demeanor of a professional who knows how to solve the problem, whatever it is. He has degrees in engineering from the Ukraine and in computer science from NY’s Globe Institute of Technology.

Curtilla Noel, who is a data analyst in quality assurance and precertification, was recognized by all as a very hard worker who is the first to volunteer whenever anyone needs assistance. A native of Belize, where she studied business, Curtilla came to the US in 2008 and joined NYCHSRO/MedReview in 2011.  “I have grown and learned a lot since I came here. I couldn’t do it without the support of the MIS team,” she says.